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This career portal has been designed to give viewers a small glimpse of “who we are” and what we stand for, what our beliefs and values are and very briefly what the “Cals culture” is all about.

Cals believes in building “top class citizens”. This translates into the desire to have a talent base across the group which displays competency levels that are best in class for the jobs that the incumbents hold. It also means that we have a passion towards acquiring and building world class talent that can match up to work practices at an international level.

Passion, drive for results, instinctive ability to create and sustain initiatives that adds value to the organization and a “can do” attitude characterize our people who have these values ingrained in them. We believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company, and everyone takes pride in being a member of the Cals team.


At Cals our endeavour is to build an organization that has a mix of talented individuals who are qualified for the job and have the requisite experience in their respective domains. You will find that our people are high energy individuals who are driven by the desire to achieve the challenge that they have set out for themselves. Since the challenge is something that they have defined as a mark of their contribution to the organization, the ownership to accomplish is high and this enables their tenacity to perform despite adversities.

We encourage people to live our values. These values define who we are at Cals and our people are committed to these corporate values.


Value Creation

Value creation is our first value!

We strive to add and create value all that we do. Our primary concern is for creating sustained value for stakeholders. Obviously, our customers get a prime seat where it comes to value creation. Consequently, our energies get focused towards goals that are essentially geared to meeting customer needs thus making them the primary focus of our actions and decisions.

Customer Focus

We listen to what our customers (both internally, as fellow colleagues, and externally) tell us, respond rapidly by delivering solutions that exceed their expectations and provide unparalleled service and support fostering relations built on trust, respect and mutual understanding. Customer satisfaction underpins our continued success.

Team Working

Our effort to integrate ourselves across the value chain for energy and infrastructure necessitates the existence of team values where each business recognizes that the success of our group is closely linked to inter-dependence on each other. This cascades down the organization to the individual who recognizes that the performance of his role is critical to the growth of the entire organization through the value of his unique contribution.

‘Yes we can’

Yes; we are a committed lot! Aggressive about our business and growth plans, we want to achieve a lot in a short time frame and are dedicated to do whatever it takes to realize our dreams. Our aggression is matched by our passion for meticulous planning and persevering in accomplishing the plans. Team objectives are the overall guiding factor for us and individual objectives are formulated in accordance with these. This value underpins our drive for performance.


Integrity for us is the value that makes us responsible to do “the right thing” instinctively. It is understood by our people that any action or inaction on part of an individual that results in impacting the team or the organization adversely constitutes this value. Therefore, we lay a very high emphasis on individual integrity. The first point of integrity is fostering a culture of compliance. We question ourselves each time we set out on a venture about the honesty of our purpose and once we are convinced about it we follow through with absolute sincerity of effort.


Acceptance of accountability for individual action is ownership. Each employee is aware that his / her actions impact upon the organization and contributes to its results. Hence, he / she is obliged to carry out what has been committed to by him / her.


We are an energy cum infrastructure company and our attempt is to integrate ourselves across the energy / infrastructure value chain. Accordingly, jobs available would be in these domains. Our distinct verticals are Exploration & Production, Refining, Auto LPG, Bio Fuels, Power, Mining and Shipping.

Most of our businesses are at the initial growth stage and therefore, as you might expect there is a high content of project management aspect in each of our businesses. That also means that we take into our fold ideas from all over, adopting and adapting continuously in our quest to keep improving ourselves and structuring our portfolio.

Consequently, prospects for growth are many and as our portfolio expands there will be more and more areas where people will find opportunities to contribute.


Our values make each employee responsible for his / her growth within the context of the organization. The organization helps employees derive their goals from the overall objectives of the organization and then provides the employee the support to achieve the same. Department managers are responsible for the development of people in their team.

Growth at Cals happens by taking on more responsibilities – these could be additional responsibilities within a function or across functions. Periodically, an employee’s performance is reviewed.

Since our group is well-diversified, it is but natural, that, with the growth of the organization there would be enhanced growth prospects for people as well.

Our programmes for development are entirely custom made to suit the requirement of employees.

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